Cover band wedding at the Hilton Hotel Wokingham

What can I say that will show how fantastic !DAFT! were at my wedding? They totaly made the evening and I can’t imagine ever having such an amazing night again!

From the moment we set the date for our big day I knew there was only one band that I could possibly have for my evening recption. My husband to be had never seen !DAFT! play, but I persuaded him that he would not be dissappointed and he definitely wasn’t. Read more

laughingstock festival review 2012

Laughing Stock 2012 Review

Graeme from !daft! helped organise the Laughing Stock Festival in Shepperton this year along with festival owners Linda and Jon Jagger. !daft!’s own Doug and Annie providing stage and sound management. The local press attended and provided the following review of the day!

The great thing about !daft! is our ability to scale. We can play to 20 people intimately in a restaurant or bar or we can literally scale to 500 people at Laughing Stock or 3000+ at festivals like Fleurfest. Get in touch if you would like to keep all your music, stage and sound management under one roof. It’s much more cost effective.

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laughing stock paper 2012 web 722x430 photo.

daft cover band article on music venues under threat

Rock music under threat as small venues go bust across Britain

One day there could be no live music venues and/or precious little live music going on. Why is this? What is happening?

Is 20% VAT really to blame? Is it the fact you can’t smoke indoors still? Did Simon Cowell’s empire change the face of real music forever by injecting electro pop music and pompousness into the psyche’s of youngsters? Are One Direction, Nicki Minaj and Justin Bieber really today’s idols in place of instrument playing songwriters? As long as you look good, eh. I wish none of the above any ill, but please… there must be more to music that glamour, sponsorship and celebrity culture. Read more