Old Ticket Hall Windsor gig being filmed by Belgian TV

In December ’12 I got a call from a Alaska TV, a Belgian TV production company asking to speak to us about a special project they were seeking a British band for. We talked and pretty soon I was hooked on their idea and thought it sounded like a huge amount of fun. The project involves us pretending to be a tribute band to a particularly famous Belgian rock group, the aim of the TV show is the audience then has to guess whether we are truly a tribute act or not. The project requires your involvement as well, we will be being filmed at our gig on Saturday March 2nd 2013 at The Old Ticket Hall, Windsor.

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Rock music under threat as small venues go bust across Britain

One day there could be no live music venues and/or precious little live music going on. Why is this? What is happening?

Is 20% VAT really to blame? Is it the fact you can’t smoke indoors still? Did Simon Cowell’s empire change the face of real music forever by injecting electro pop music and pompousness into the psyche’s of youngsters? Are One Direction, Nicki Minaj and Justin Bieber really today’s idols in place of instrument playing songwriters? As long as you look good, eh. I wish none of the above any ill, but please… there must be more to music than glamour, sponsorship and celebrity culture. Read more

daft cover band at the old ticket hall windsor berkshire

No more licences! A new boost for live music in small venues.

You may have heard recently about a bill cleared by the House Of Commons relating to live music performances in small venues, and you might be wondering what this actually means and how it affects you, or your local community. In a nutshell, it’s a good thing. Here’s why.

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