3 Amazing Projection Mapping Wedding Cakes

Ever heard of a projection mapping wedding cake?

This impressive lighting and projection technique turns your wedding cake into a colourful, moving and modern age work of art.

1. Abstract Colours, Patterns and Designs

2. Gamers Delight

If you or your other half are the gorgeous geeky gamer type and have love for the 1990’s, this is the wedding cake for you!

3. Disney’s Fairytale Wedding

No handsome prince can call his wedding complete without the perfect wedding cake for his princess.

Personally, we love these cakes, they are different and would clearly be a talking point of any contemporary wedding.

We can’t wait to play our first wedding where there is one of these!

What do you think? Would you have one at your wedding?


3 best options for DJ music when booking a live cover band

When I speak to prospective clients about their requirements, most end up choosing to book us, or any live band, because they love live music and want that buzz, interaction and atmosphere at their event that only a live act can create.

Many clients tell us that they have always been live music fans and knew from the early stages of their event planning that they wanted a live band to complete their night. It is also common, in my experience, to discover that recorded music has not factored into the entertainment planning. I’m always pleased to help here because despite having a live band, you always need recorded music for the time periods prior to, between and after the band’s live sets. Read more


What you need to know about PAT Certification for cover bands

As the hirer of a live cover band it is very likely that your wedding or function venue will ask you for your act’s PAT certificates. For many this request causes the raise of an eyebrow and a follow up of… “what is that?”. We’ll try to give you a quick overview of what PAT testing is and what you need to know about it. Read more

Wedding Testimonial – Kelly and Mike

Wedding Testimonial from Kelly and Mike

Wedding at the The Hilton, St. Anne’s Manor, Wokingham, Berkshire

What can I say that will show how fantastic !DAFT! were at my wedding? They totaly made the evening and I can’t imagine ever having such an amazing night again!

From the moment we set the date for our big day I knew there was only one band that I could possibly have for my evening recption. My husband to be had never seen !DAFT! play, but I persuaded him that he would not be dissappointed and he definitely wasn’t. Read more


10 classic must-know party cover band songs.

There are some songs that rightly or wrongly have stood the test of time and feature heavily today in most cover band’s kit bag of tunes. They may not see the lights of the stage at every gig but secretly we know ’em. And you know we know ’em. In fact it’s almost a dead cert that they’ll make an appearance at a handful of gigs each year, in some cases almost every gig. They are great for weddings and parties and generally aiding the vocal get together of a large audience. Are they the coolest songs in the world? Probably not. Are they the most technically challenging and engaging to play? Not really. But here is the !daft! take on 10 songs every rock/pop party cover band should know and expect to play, if not for their own, then at least for the audience’s enjoyment. Which after all is slightly more important. Read more

What you need to know about sound limiters in wedding venues

Sound Limiters. What you need to know.

Ever heard the term “sound limiter”? Our wedding and party clients often ask us what one is and that’s only IF they have been told that their venue has one, or been knowledgeable enough to ask. Checking whether your wedding venue has a sound limiter is something you should do early in the planning process, you will be investing months organising your perfect day and spending thousands of pounds making sure every tiny detail is taken care of… but have you ensured that these electro-jobsworths aren’t sat there ready to cause unexpected havoc at your big day? Read more