Firework cake projection on a projection mapping wedding cake

Amazing Projection Mapping Wedding Cakes

Ever heard of projection mapping wedding cakes?

This impressive lighting and projection technique turns your wedding cake into a colourful, moving and modern age work of art.

They are great fun and look fantastic. As the technology is relatively new it is still uncommon to see them about making them very appealing to those who like to do things differently.


Since we published this blog piece we have received a number of enquiries for projection mapping wedding cakes, however we would like to remind you that we are a wedding band, not a cake or projection company. Therefore, could we please ask you not to enquire to us about these wonderful pieces of wedding brilliance.

Pacman being projected onto a projection mapping wedding cake

Where to Buy?

Angie Scott Projection Mapping wedding Cakes

If you would like to talk to someone about booking or hiring a projection mapping wedding cake, then please see our friends over at Angie Scott Cakes. You can contact Angie and her team on 07854 208 288.

Personalised, Custom Designs

The great things about projection mapping cakes is that you can personalise them. Angie Scott and her team are able to create specific projections unique to you.

Do you and your partner share a hobby? Or love a particular place? Angie Scott can create a beautiful projection mapping cake that reflects both you and your partner down to the finest detail.

Here is a STUNNING Disney inspired projection mapping wedding cake.

Edible projection mapping wedding cakes

Contrary to what you may have been told, the projection mapping cake you get from Angie Scott will be real. You can actually cut it and eat it. And they taste sublime!

In addition to that, the cake will be made specifically for projection mapping and will use ingredients best suited to showing off your projection.

In conclusion, we LOVE Angie’s cakes. Not only are they fun and interesting but they bring a touch of magic to your wedding.

Give Angie a call today on 07854 208 288!

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