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We are asked all the time “what actually IS a virtual DJ service?”. We understand. It’s a new term and one you only hear in relation to live bands.

A virtual DJ service is a great thing. It has many benefits, adds value and saves you money. All good things, right? But what actually is it?

In this article we’ll do our best to explain exactly what a virtual DJ service is and how it can benefit you.

What is a virtual DJ service?

Our virtual DJ service is when we provide recorded music during the times that we are not performing. In more common terms, it’s a disco. Like the ones you will already be familiar with. The main difference is that we are DJ’ing for you as part of our service and you are not having to book an extra DJ.

It looks, sounds and feels like a normal DJ or disco and operates in exactly the same way. Music plays from our digital music library of thousands of tracks via the band’s PA system.

!daft! provide a DJ service alongside our live performance so that you have a busy dance floor all night long.


Virtual DJ Service guests

Our virtual DJ service is perfect for weddings, parties and corporate functions.

Benefits of our Virtual DJ service

There are many benefits to using our virtual DJ service, here are few to note:

It Keeps Things Simple and Easier to Manage

A major benefit is that it reduces the number of people you have to deal with and when you’re planning an event. This can help make it easier for you to keep track or your suppliers, plans and logistics during your planning stages.

It Looks and Sounds Great

Our band PA system is superior to that of the typical mobile DJ’s. This is a big advantage when you want music to sound rich and clear. Additionally, it all works alongside our impressive stage lighting which looks fantastic.

It’s so much more affordable

One of the key advantages to our virtual DJ service is that it is cheaper than a mobile DJ option. Our virtual DJ service can save you hundreds of pounds in comparison to a traditional mobile DJ.

A nice lady dancing at disco

A disco service that appeals to all.

Virtual DJ Service FAQ’s

Here are some of the questions asked most about our virtual DJ service.

Yes! ! It is as good, if not better. Our virtual DJ service is a perfect, low-cost modern day alternative to a separate mobile DJ. We are your DJ and live band in one neat service. You will get a fantastic party DJ experience like you had booked a more traditional mobile DJ.

It does, if not better. Our virtual DJ service music plays via the band’s PA system, the sound quality is incredible. The band’s PA is equipped with dual 18 inch subs as well as full range, band-ready top speakers. Overall, our set up is much more “heavyweight” than a small DJ rig offering brighter, richer sounds. And it all works in harmony with our lighting, which again, is usually superior to that of a typical mobile DJ.

Like any other professional DJ we will play music that is appropriate for your event. You can also provide feedback on what music you would like during the planning process.

Yes, of course. Like any good DJ we want you to have the music you want to hear at your event. We can include a small number of tracks you would like to hear at no extra cost, however there may be a charge incurred to provide fully bespoke or customised playlists.

Yes. Like any other professional DJ we will have a very large music library with us at your event. Guests can make requests, and we will do everything we can to accommodate them. If we don’t have it immediately available we can download it (subject to having a wifi or data signal). You can also make requests in advance of your event.

Yes. We use industry DJ software to play the tracks and this allows us to mix the tracks for seamless playback.

Yes. There are no curious versions or copies. We use the authentic, original tracks and can play your chosen mix or version if you wish.

Yes. The great thing about our virtual DJ service is that it can continue as long as you want it to. It is very cost effective as well to extend to the virtual DJ service once the band has completed its live sets.


We hope you have found this info helpful and that has given you an insight into our virtual DJ service. One last thing to note is that this is how WE do it, it might not be the same for other bands. They may not take requests or customise playlists like we do. If you are talking to bands then this might be something you want to check.

You are also very welcome to contact us to discuss this, or any other, of our live entertainment services. Call us on 0333 456 4556.

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